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I admire handmade, no I'M IN LOVE WITH HANDMADE, especially knitting!!! Handmade is a very special - it suits perfect to you, it's exclusive, it has warmness of the author's hands or designer, it's taste and energy. There are no fabric-produced things that you will feel yourself the same perfect as in handmade things! I have a mamma, the gorgeous, the best ever mamma in the world!! She's a Handicrafter. And she has been knitting and crochetting for all her life!! Not only knitting, but also lots of other handmade. She makes perfect and unbelievable things by her hands!! From the very childhood I was surrounded by handmade, I was like a little princess clothed in knitted unique things, and I begun to do them by myself, but of course I know that it's a long way to do them like mamma, but we work in tandem. I like to have exclusive things and to feel that I'm the only and everybody looks at me! We also can knit and crochet whatever you want, please feel free to contact us, be exlclusive and glad! We're about to start our own design and instructing others!

16 January 2012

still excited!!!

still very excited about the studying because the lest 3 monthes my best friend were TV and internet!! just now am from swedish lektion. don't understand what swedish girl does there, at "grund" course. julianna from zimbabwe, her dream is to buy many clothes. ccool :) hungarian (?) peter is also very cool, goes round, i'm too tall for him :))) madina, tadzhikistan, can speak a little bit russian :) i believe :) and my best impression - izlA, teacher, her mamma is sirian, pappa is turkish, she was born in sweden. and speak ... 5 (!!!) languages!!!! wow!!! german, english, swedish, arabian, sirian. will speak spanish. wow!!! as you understand i love school!!!))

proposed to my lovely mamma to begin making "steampunk" jewelery. i've just proposed, but mamma today know - how, where, from where, how much))) decided it's too expensive, otherwise we need to get much old stuff from grandfar. but it's going to be extra-fashion!

tomorrow is the last day of sale in SAS.se, i'd like to present a few days for husband's happybirthday in april. but i cannot understand - only moscow is cheap, but i don't want to moscow, but where??? thai - never has been and never will be, don't want! emirates, italy, spain, turkey - too much...thiunking...

and yes, new tag "about me" )))
here goes a nice pic for you, enjoy! :)

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