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I admire handmade, no I'M IN LOVE WITH HANDMADE, especially knitting!!! Handmade is a very special - it suits perfect to you, it's exclusive, it has warmness of the author's hands or designer, it's taste and energy. There are no fabric-produced things that you will feel yourself the same perfect as in handmade things! I have a mamma, the gorgeous, the best ever mamma in the world!! She's a Handicrafter. And she has been knitting and crochetting for all her life!! Not only knitting, but also lots of other handmade. She makes perfect and unbelievable things by her hands!! From the very childhood I was surrounded by handmade, I was like a little princess clothed in knitted unique things, and I begun to do them by myself, but of course I know that it's a long way to do them like mamma, but we work in tandem. I like to have exclusive things and to feel that I'm the only and everybody looks at me! We also can knit and crochet whatever you want, please feel free to contact us, be exlclusive and glad! We're about to start our own design and instructing others!

19 January 2012

about WW II

today was the "breaking the ice" english. we have spoken a lot with polish man. as the topic is very close to both of us - it was very interesting and impressive. he said that if you want to feel and understand the feelings of the book we read for english lessons - you need to visit camp. he was in Auschwitz. it looks horrible even nowadays. after the lesson i told the mother, i know she was many times in Poland. she said she was in Osventzim (they used to say Auschwitz as german used to), and she couldn't look at this, the dead zone, the horrible feelings, the lag group then couldn't...very difficult. i even began crying out there. i will to see that by my eyes. very much. even if that is so hard. just to feel. i'm not mad.

and yes, i've written the english test the best in my class.

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